BeX Update 2013……

2013 has started well for female singer songwriter BeX, having recorded with Greg Haver at Modern World Studios back in September 2012, which was a great start to building her sound for her debut release.
Bex also working with ‘Little Earth’ productions’ company for the week at Modern World studios, capturing the recorded LIVE experience with BeX, but also very importantly working with the whole team behind BeX, to capture, interviews from the week from all the key people working on her debut EP, footage will be slowly released to compliment the debut EP release.
I caught up with BeX for a quick coffee and a chat while she was interviewed by Online Magazine ‘ Razberry Juice, to see what she had to say about life in the music business.
Here’s a snap shot from the interview;
Razberry Juice -”BeX I understand you have been working in Musical Theatre for some years, how and why have you made the transition to solo artist, it is certainly a brave move”
BeX – ”I guess it is a brave move, but I mainly made the decision because of my great passion to be songwriter and to be an artist in my own right”. 
”I wanted to to create a career path that would hopefully become a lot more steady. The world of Musical Theatre can be hard, as traveling and living out of a suit case and doing jobs and auditions here and there to pay the bills. I  did have an amazing time in the Musical Theatre world and I worked on some brilliant shows around the world with some great people and built up a wealth of experience, but I guess doing 3 months to 1 year contracts at a time can become draining and difficult as you never know where you’re going to be until the next job”
”With the years of experience behind me as dancer, singer and actress I am able to crossover to the music industry and hope to build a solid career and a singer songwriter with the help, support from my family and guidance from my music manager”.
Always great to catch up with BeX. She has just released her first single on CD Baby,as a teaser track recorded the track Called ‘ ‘Show you (what I’m Made of)‘ recorded at ‘Dean St Studios’ London (Kasabien, The Saturdays, Oasis & many more) Produced by established music producer ( Ben Robbins), who’s behind the Work & Recordings of Katherine Jenkins, Delta Goodrem, Shola Ama, Gabrielle, Heather Small, Tina Arena, Cliff Richard & more…. 
This track is an initial step from the artist to build a great profile and presence within the music industry. To find out more about the teaser track release called ”Show you (what I’m Made of) and more info please take a visit to the following links, and be sure we will be bring you more information, news & updates on future events & releases on BeX.
BeX track – ‘Show you (what I’m Made of’ Listen & download from CD baby
For more information on BeX contact:
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