Written by Serena Lewis:
I love finding new music; stumbling upon an artist you have never heard before, and instantly falling in love with their sound is a great joy, and BeX is one of those musicians, someone with a genuine talent making their way in the music industry.
From dance classes at the age of three to studying at the Stella Mann College of Performing Arts at sixteen, BeX has always been headed for a career in the spotlight, and since graduating back in 2004, she has trodden the boards at some impressive venues, including The Royal Albert Hall and Her Majesty’s Theatre; working for the likes ADNEC (Abu Dhabi) and SKY 1 has given BeX the grounding needed to hone the powerful vocal talent she has been blessed with. Match this up with a great passion for song-writing with expressive creative lyrics and catchy tunes, its safe to say that BeX has great things ahead of her. So I was really happy to meet up with BeX just prior to the release of her first EP, having a great opportunity to sit and chat about the recording process, BeX’s music and chew the cud in general!
To read more about the latest BeX interview with Razberry click on the link below and find out more about this talented singer songwriter.
BeX track – ‘Show you (what I’m Made of’ Listen & download from CD baby

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